GM Commercial Link

When it comes to your business, nothing matters more than staying one step ahead. And Commercial Link helps you do just that! It's all thanks to our simple and easy vehicle management system offered through OnStar that helps you keep your business running at maximum efficiency.

Stay up to date with your fleet with the GM Commercial Link with Jeff Wyler, and reap the benefits of the added technology that it brings. The automotive industry has exploded with features that allow you to stay connected to your vehicle while integrating cutting-edge technology like navigation, wireless communication, and OnStar®1. General Motors is proud to offer the GM Commercial Link System to help you keep track of both your fleet and your workers, while simultaneously streamlining your business.

Jeff Wyler  has a collection of vehicles that come equipped with this next-level fleet management system, and has integrated it into some of the best-known GM vehicles.  Available on 2016 and new GM vehicles2 equipped with OnStar®1 hardware and an active account3, the possibilities are almost endless. Stay up to date on your GM vehicles with the GM Commercial Link.

OnStar®1 is a great tool, and is readily available on many GM Commercial Vehicles, to give you a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. Simple but powerful, the GM Commercial Link is able to cover a wide variety of your needs when it comes to fleet management. At the top of the list is location, as the GM Commercial Link allows you to track your vehicles1 and see a location history, right from your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. You can also get information regarding the efficiency of your fleet thanks to fuel reports, which can measure the consumption of your vehicles and help you improve efficiency and save money in the long run.

Safety is another huge factor in maintaining your fleet. Not only do you want safe GM vehicles for you and your crew, but you'll want to keep your workers safe above everything else. That's why OnStar®1 and the GM Commercial Link allow you to view the absolute and average speed of your vehicles. You can easily monitor how fast your drivers are going and even receive speed alerts to keep your fleet safe.

To keep your fleet running smoothly, you'll receive service and maintenance reminders about many aspects of your GM, which keeps you out of our Service Department due to unwanted repairs. Best of all, this system is available on any GM vehicle with an active OnStar®1 account3 and carries a monthly rate. You won't have to commit to a full year of the GM Commercial Link as there is no annual contract. It's just another way that the GM Commercial Link works for you.

View our selection of GM Commercial Vehicles that offer the GM Commercial Link.
Available 24 hours a day
7 days a week
365 days a year
Simple-to-read charts and graphs
Easy access to reporting
Available vehicle location tracking
Maintenance alerts and more
Customizable dashboard
Set up alerts to stay informed
Coming Summer 2016: iPhone and Android apps available with free download